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Probux Scam Is On The Horizon

Probux Scam Same As Previous Sites

Well,I didn’t want to believe it,but I think that this site is headed towards Scamville. Probux is run by an admin who has had other PTC sites that turned scam and stopped paying people.You may remeber Onbux or Upbux.

Check out these similarities between all of the above mentioned sites:

  • Same Modified Script
  • Same Location(Brazil)
  • Reregistered company (most likely bogus and used to lure in people)
  • Former OnBux mod shows up again in PTC industry before ProBux launch.
  • Bux site (Expensive upgrades, rentals, 1 cent ads, ect…)
  • Same fixed fake ads “eToro, BinaryOptions, ect…”


Coincidence?Maybe,but I doubt it and I wasn’t completely sold untilafter I read a review that PTC Investigations did on Probux and also saw where users saw a huge drop in referral earnings. I saw that my rented referrals average at Probux being reduced suddenly, drastic 50-75% drop after requesting my 3rd payment and 4 days after I noticed the huge drop,NOT ONE DAMN CLICK FROM ANY OF THEM!

Now I know that people get bored and stopped clicking,but I am pretty sure that the rented referrals are bots and whether they are or not,I have never had anything like this happen at any other site.And this guy who is running Probux,has pulled the same crap before.And it’s not just me.After looking through the forum,I found that several people are experiencing the same decrease in referral activity. And it’s funny that they have the same answers to all of the people,”recycle your inactive referrals”  and “you need to use a recycling strategy”. I have used the same strategy there as well as the other sites that I am a member of and have never had a drop like the one at Probux where every single rented referral just stops clicking on the same day. Out of 100,over 50 were replaced for free after inactivity,and then the replacement referrals never clicked a single ad.If it was just half of them or less,I could wrap my head around that a little easier,but for every single one of them to all of a sudden stop clicking makes no sense.No wait,yes it does.It means that the Probux scam is on.I just feel for those who actually invested their money into this site.


Check out some of these recent  threads from the Probux forum:


i have 210 rr’s. i upgraded me to golden membership. before i upgraded my rr’s made me about $1.20 – $1.40 daily. how can it be that when i upgraded me, suddenly all rr’s stop clicking. in just 2 days. the math and statistic is not correct that in 2 days over 100 rr’s stop clicking in same time.


I have a big problem with rented referrals. Since I became a gold member clicks from 500-600 I fell to 50-60. Help.


in week or 2 my RR clicks have gone from a solid 350-400 down to just 17 yesterday, progressively declining until now next to nothing. i maintain my RR very well but right now i would have to recycle about 195/200 RR’s after all having above a 1.7 avg with over 200 clicks each. just wondering if anyone eles is having this problem? i was half way to buying gold but i will now need to spend all of my $40 to recycle and buy more time


]I have 77RR
In 2013-11-03 refferal AVG was 1.83, yesterday RR AVG was 0.5 !!!
Solve this problem, please.


I have 72 rented referral yesterday only 4 click today no one click yest. last 7 days height click is 11 i have 72 referral but why they inactive?


All of these are recent posts and seem to have happened around the same  time between 11/10 to present.And there are more posts on the forum with people experiencing the same thing.My rented refferals also started the great decline on 11/10 also and havent’ seen a click since 11/12.From 150+ a day to nothing.


However,I have still managed to make a few bucks without ever having to invest a dime,not even for referrals and will continue to use the site until it stops paying altogether or until I get banned,whichever comes first.But I won’t bother with renting anymore referrals or even think about upgrading there.Not going to donate to a known scammer.

  • Cromarte says:

    I was member of Probux for a wile . I quit due to my Payment vanished without a trace the 3 time . It was still the same payment email . When I complained the answer was : Since there are no record of the claim or you had the money you got no legit claim . I just left due to it . Everyone who complains in their forum about these things get banned on the spot , covered by TOS 3.6 Accusations against Probux . Of course most of the RR`s are also bots even those who claims it gets banned . How should this Admin unlike all other Admins else get unlimited amounts of free RR`s to rent . That also is the reason why 1000`s of RR`s stop stop clicking for many days at the same time . When I left Probux it was falling apart due to bugs . If the page is pure scam ? I did get paid twice , so I am not sure . But it seems to me like a lure to make Standard members buy Upgrades .

    November 21, 2014 at 4:52 pm
    • badabean615 says:

      Hello.Sorry to hear about your experience with Probux.I too was paid several times.And yes those referrals are bots for sure.This admin has pulled the same scam before with other sites and will continue to do it as long as he can get away with it.

      November 21, 2014 at 4:59 pm
  • RAJESH GAWDE says:


    December 17, 2014 at 4:12 am

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