Nov 26

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Probux Scam Is On The Horizon

For those that landed on this page, I am sure you are wondering if Probux is a scam?

Answer: Absof**kinglutely!!!

I know that alot of people will tell you Probux is great and they have been payed several times and blah,blah,blah.Yes,the site pays….for now! But,how long will they keep up with the charade before running off with the money and closing up shop like they did with Onbux and Upbux?

The owner of Probux is connected to former scam PTC sites Onbux and Upbux. Also, it appears Probux is connected to Fusebux and possibly Zapbux.


Fusebux transaction Probux,fusebux,zapbux


Other similarities include:

  • Same Modified Script

  • Same Location

  • Registered company (most likely bogus and used to lure in people)

  • Former Onbux mod showing up again in PTC industry before Probux launch

  • Same fixed fake ads “eToro, BinaryOptions, etc…”.

  • Same shipping addresses


Probux Has Many Unhappy Members

Even though there are many people who still keep the old Probux c**k in their mouth,there are many unsatisfied members.One of the most common complaints that can be seen on various forums is that the site is suspening accounts for NO reason at all or for bogus reasons.And several have been suspended after upgrading to Golden membership.Also, if they didn’t get suspended after upgrading their accounts,many experienced a HUGE decrease in referral activity,which I can relate to myself.And when members post their unhapppiness on the forum and tell of the referral average dropping,they get the same response from the Probux team…..NEED A REFERRAL STRATEGY!! You don’t really need a strategy for their “bot” referrals, you just need to avoid purchasing them.Profitwise, they’re a SURE LOSER!!


My Probux Scam Experience

I had been using Probux for roughly 5-6 months and had managed to build up over 100 rented referrals with no investment at all.Most of these referrals were active with a recycle or two every 4-5 days.Then, after my third payment from the site,I noticed that my referral clicks dropped by about 75% one day.Then,the next day no clicks from any of them.This continued until they were replaced for free.Then those new referrals never clicked a single ad until they finally expired.This may sound familiar to those who were members of Onbux or Upbux because that is basically the same type of  referral manipulation tactics used by them.


Final Words

Consider this a fair warning.It is highly recommended that if users are going to ignore the obvious connections between Probux and past scams,at the very least be cautious before considering investing in this site.The admin is not trustworthy or reliable.The model is unsustainable and eventually the site will disappear and eventually leave people scratching their heads wondering what happened.

REMEMBER THIS: Just because a site is paying NOW,doesn’t mean that it always WILL!!



You may have noticed that there has been between 80 – 100+ ads at Probux during the past week.That is because the Probux Forum has been down for well over 10 days now and nobody appears to be getting paid at the site.So,since NO ONE is getting paid, members are resorting to spending their account balances on advertising.I suggest that anyone that has money in their balances do just that.This could finally be the end.


 What Others Are Saying About Probux Scam:










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    1. badabean615

      I myself have stopped renting referrals at ANY site and focus more on direct referrals.Really sorry to hear about your loss.Hang in there.You are not alone.I’m sure there are thousands more just like you that will have a similar story to tell.

  2. Naveed Ahmed

    Probux is paying? I cannot believe that because after 4-5 months of hardwork (clicking those same fixed advertisements), I have been able to make some 5-6 dollars on the screen, but they are not allowing Cashout, which I am desperately trying since a week.

    Their automatic reply says try back at server time 0:00, 6:00. 12:00, 18:00. During these server times even I’ve tried (when the clock strikes 00 minutes), but the server doesn’t respond. The Probux site even doesn’t load during this time. Their forum is also saying “We are performing a small maintenance, this shall not take more than 48 hours”. And this message is being displayed since the past week.

    I reckon this trouble is only programmed for me, others are still wasting their time and money on Probux. I would like to highlight that their Advertisements are still working and you can still click them to get them some pennies, but only loly-pops for yourself.

    1. badabean615

      This is happening to everyone,not just you.That is why there is so many ads right now.Everyone is using up the money in their account balance to purchase advertising.People can see that the forum is down,the admin is unavailable,and NOBODY is getting paid.This admin has scammed before,and probably will again.So sorry to hear about your loss.

  3. Rob

    This site will probably never go down.It has become the ultimate SCAM–the PERFECT SCAM.Consider over 80 ads today with people using their balances to advertize-which sooner or later will go to ZERO- Probuxand i believe they will keep the site up as to the novice it looks all functioning EXCEPT the forum with the BOGUS 48 hrs crap.

    Another telling fact is that if you go to another PTC site with ads -u see no pro,zap or fuse-so no new members that way-thus no growth.My thought is this—sooner or later probably MUCH later-after ALL’S REFERRALS are
    WIPED-and Probux has wiped everyone’s funds RR etc-a miracle will happen–They will SOLVE their problems-come up with a story-and start again.STARTING WITH OWING NO ONE ANYTHING–Perfect SCAM-u watch.My RR are down to 16 from near 800

    1. badabean615

      LOL….You’re probably right.Wouldn’t surprise me.I’m sure that they’ll keep milking it for as long as they can.After all,the domain doesn’t even expire for another 5 years.

      1. Rob

        LOL….You’re probably right.Wouldn’t surprise me.I’m sure that they’ll keep milking it for as long as they can.After all,the domain doesn’t even expire for another 5 years.——————-

        No question–i was aware of the domain expiration date.He/they just have to pay the hosting.

        Say they owe members 10.50,500 hundred K or more-and it all erodes-(NOT A BAD WAY TO EARN DOING NOTHING) -just goes away–Sites up–they come back on –say their sorry–put the golden at $25 bucks -as a special-4 a yr–etc. They cant be sued for fraud -sites up–ojooo -your lucky to get paid in 4 months after you submit- and site admits it-says “don’t worry be happy” u will all get paid-so chill.

        This guy will be back 90% sure–Remember he posted they survived something like this before……..

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