Jul 08 2013

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Paypal Booster Professional Review

Paypal Booster Professional:Is It A Scam?

If you have stumbled across this post,you are probably trying to find out if Paypal Booster Professional actually works or if it’s just another scam.Well,look no further.It is not so much a scam as it is a scheme. This so-called “product” goes by other names like PTC Income Booster, Income Booster Professional, Paypal PTC Booster Professional, etc.Just Google each one and you will see they are pretty much the same.

I really thought that this “product” would have value and would allow me to make make extra money with PTC sites.And it absolutely can if I want to sell someone a product that really isn’t a product.This “product” is total b.s.SAVE YOUR MONEY!!

So,what is Paypal Booster Professional?

It is basically an outlined plan to advertise this outlined plan in PTC sites,complete with capture page,thank you pages,bullshit Paypal screenshots showing proof of income,etc.

Anyway,I won’t argue that you can’t make money with Paypal Booster Professional,as I am sure many have and many more will.But I think,personally,it is just WRONG.There is no product.What you are selling is a PDF and some screenshots,and an outlined plan to sell them.Of course,this person claims that this is easy to do,you don’t need experience,and it’s completely ethical.Ethical?Really?How ethical is it to sell people screenshots showing proof of income that are NOT yours?.Here are a couple of of the screenshots:

fJr33y7 150x150 Paypal Booster Professional Reviewproof page 2 150x150 Paypal Booster Professional Review


Google Paypal Booster Professional and look through some of the websites promoting this.You will see those two screenshots on 90% of them.So,people have been using this little scam for quite a while.It’s b.s. like this that makes people not trust internet marketers in the first place.Is it really worth a quick buck to sell people garbage?Not for me.I would rather make a GOOD name for myself and NOT sell people a “make a quick buck” scheme.Of course,the person I bought this from claims that this is easy to do,you don’t need experience,and it’s completely ethical.Ethical?Really?How ethical is it to sell people screenshots showing proof of income that are NOT yours?If it works and and you are making money with it,why not show YOUR proof of income instead of showing the same images everyone else does.


                  pissin on the donks1 Paypal Booster Professional Review


FYI: Since I pretty much laid out what this “product” is,if anyone is looking to  promote this “product” without throwing your money away, just go and sign up for a free Payspree account.They have Paypal Booster Professional,Turbo Paypal,and many other products you can promote and earn commissions from.

payspree 468x60 Paypal Booster Professional Review


On the other hand,if anyone would like to pay $2.99 for some screenshots,capture page,download pages and a PDF outlining how to sell this “product” to other people online, you can purchase here http://makeeasymoneyonlinetoday.com/.

.And if by chance,anyone purchases a product online that comes with a money back guarantee and the seller doesn’t refund you your money,contact Paypal.You can also go to http://whois.net/ and type in the website name and you can get all their information.

Oh,almost forgot,you can also go to http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx..This is the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and it  is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).If none of the above methods work,then file a complaint with them.

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  1. Vincent

    Thanks for the tip! I had been going back and forth on this program, but never ended up trying it. Nice that you would take the time to break it down for us all.

  2. Rodney


    I got sucked in and bought it for $5, after opting in. I don’t see it as unethical in that is it just the same as any RR or PLR, in this case it is RR. What I found unethical was that there was no free doc in exchange for the opt in. I wrote to the seller and asked for the free report to offer for any one opting in if they refuse the upsell as it is unethical not give a free report as offered for the opt in. If I get nothing back I’ll get a refund from PayPal.

  3. Monica

    The best review I’ve read in months, seriously!
    I had noticed the “product” and suspected it wasn’t what it said it was.
    Thanks for letting people know!

  4. Todorka Zhivkova

    After I paid 2.99 and looked at the site I found nothing new but familiar ads and evidence of the success of others. Disappointed and I wanted to write a letter to the gentleman from Romania. Also thought maybe my first impression is not accurate. But now I see confirmation of my ideas about this site. Sought at least link to me for advertising, but none found

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