Jan 06 2014

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Dr Clix – New PTC Launch

banner2 Dr Clix   New PTC Launch

Dr Clix  Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Dr Clix just launched today and I am excited.Why?Because it is a new PTC site owned by a trusted and well respected admin by the name of John Novak.Any of you that use traffic exchanges are probably well aware that Mr.Novak owns a very popular the traffic exchange ListBuildSurf.So,no worries about getting paid or wasting time building my downline only to see the site fold 6 months down the road.John has done great things with ListBuildSurf and this one is going to be a grand slam too.

Dr Clix is currently paying members up to $0.02 per ad click.Standard members can earn 50% from referrals,while an upgraded member earns 100%.You are allowed 100 direct referrals as a standard member and unlimited if you upgrade,which I would recommend because this is not some fly-by-night PTC owner.John is well respected in the TE community.The Dr Clix upgrade costs $47 for a year.You can also rent referrals at Dr Clix.Standard members can have 100 rented referrals and upgraded members are allowed 4000.The cost for recycle is set at $0.08 for standard members and $0.05 for upgraded members.Standard members can rent once every 5 days while upgraded memberts can rent once a day.Referral deletion costs $0.10 for standard mamebers and the cost is free for upgraded members.


Currently,paid to click and PTSU are the sources of earning at Dr Clix,but it just launched,so I am sure more will be added in the coming weeks.The minimum payout is set to $4.00 for standard members and $2.00 for an upgraded member.All payments are being handled by Paypal.Standard members can request payment once every 5 days and upgraded members can request every 3 days.Also,payments are processed within 7 days for standard and 3 days for upgraded members.

That just about covers everything.I am sure this site is going to be another good one to join.Not only is the admin trusted and respected,but Dr Clix is getting a ringing endorsement from Tim Tech,owners of Nerdbux.

Tim Tech just recently helped  launch Legacyclix,which has been a successful launch(almost 50,000 members in the first month).So,expect to see Dr Clix bring in some big membership numbers also.That being said,I wish Mr. Novak much success with Dr Clix and if you haven’t joined  the site,GET IN NOW and start building your downline because this one is going to be HUGE!!!

Click Here to Visit Dr Clix

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  1. tejashree

    domain name seized

  2. Brian Bean

    I saw that this morning.It really sucks!!!

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